Reasons why You Might Want to Learn How to Cancel Sun Basket

Sticky Post Posted on March 16, 2018 by in Sun Basket

The Sun Basket meal delivery service provides people across the country the opportunity to have meal kits delivered to their front door every week. Thousands of people have jumped on the opportunity to join the delivery program, taking advantage of the healthy, delicious meals that take 30-minutes or less to prepare. It’s a good club to be a part of, but there are several reasons why you might want to know how to cancel sun basket.

Obviously you want to know how to cancel before you join because it is unknown what your thoughts of the meal kit delivery program will be. Most love the program, but for a few, it just doesn’t work. If you find yourself on the latter side, it is important that you can quickly cancel your membership so no future deliveries are charged to your card.  Nothing is more disheartening than a program of this nature that is difficult to cancel.

how to cancel sun basket

People who take advantage of the trial offer sometimes have no intentions on staying past this period. Perhaps this is the reason that you need to learn this valuable information. It is sometimes nice to simply sample these offers and move on to the next, and very much within your rights if you so choose. Chances are good that you’ll like the program enough that you will want to stay.

Perhaps it is the meal delivery kit costs that have you ready to cancel. While the prices vary, it can become an expensive endeavor to purchase the kits, especially if there are several people in the family. You can cancel if money woes are of concern. It is easy to come back later on when the financial situation improves.

Visit the ‘Schedule’ page to cancel the membership at any time. It takes only a couple of seconds to cancel and confirm that you want to cancel the membership. The option to skip a month is also available. If you’d like to continue receiving the kits but don’t want to receive any the current month, use the skip feature and resume meal kit delivery the following month.